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The Best Sports Bar in Siren WI

We  have a full service Siren, WI sports bar and a full sized Siren, WI liquor store.  We work with local wineries such as St. Croix Chateau and Dancing Dragonfly and carry many different local wines.  We serve and sell locally crafted beers. Our most popular is New Glarus Spotted Cow, made only in Wisconsin.

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Sports Bar in Siren WI

The Pour House has it all! We offer a full-service sports bar in Siren, WI and one of the few fully stocked liquor stores in Siren, WI. We work with local wineries, such as St. Croix Chateau and Dancing Dragonfly, and we have a large selection of local wine and beer. Our most popular craft beer is New Glarus Spotted Cow, made only in Wisconsin—but we have many options to choose from!

The Pour House Sports Bar in Siren—Something For Everyone

Pour House is a family-friendly restaurant, but sometimes the adults need time to play too!

The next time the Packers are playing, or your favorite year-round teams are duking it out—head on over to the Pour House Sports Bar. Here, you can enjoy your Wisconsin craft beers and wines—alongside impressive selection of beer and wine from around the world.

Come As You Are

No need to get dressed up, but you can if you want to! We are a casual sports bar, where you are welcome to unwind any day of the week. Even if a game is not playing, we have pool tables and darts??? to help pass the time—or you can just hang out and catch up with your friends.

Eat Up! We’re More Than Just Your Favorite Siren, WI Sports Bar

What would a sports bar be without some of the Wisconsin favorites? From Friday Fish Fry to cheese curds and rib eye, we have it all. We even have an impressive selection of fresh salads and many gluten-free options to choose from!

Bring Your Friends

Next time you have a birthday, anniversary, or other important milestone, head on over to the Pour House to celebrate! If your group is larger than 10, call ahead to let us know. If the festivities will be at your place, stop by our well-stocked liquor store to pick up everything you need to keep the party going.

Don’t forget to check our Events calendar to see what we have coming up!

The Pour House—The No. 1 Siren, WI Liquor Store, Restaurant, and Winery!

The Pour House
Siren WI Sports Bar and Liquor Store
24136 State Hwy 35
Siren, WI
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