Everything Tastes Better At The Pour House

Have you ever noticed that everything from your favorite appetizers, to beer and cocktails, desserts and dinner always taste better at the Pour House? Even if it is something relatively simple you can make at home, when made fresh for you—it always tastes better!

Beer on Tap—It’s All About The Air

Yes, you can pop open a bottle of beer and kick back to watch your favorite TV show at home, but beer always tastes better at the Pour House. Even if you are drinking the same brand of beer, when you order a beer on tap, the taste is unmistakably better. Not only is tap beer often fresher than store-bought beer, but tap beer has less air in the barrel than a standard bottle or can. Less air means less oxidation. Less oxidation means a better tasting beer.

If you prefer one of our bottled beers, it still tastes better! We serve our beer icy cold and foam-free.

Grilled and Fried to Perfection

Even if you use the same ingredients at home, nothing beats a restaurant-grade grill and deep fryer. From picture perfect omelets, to Friday fish fry, and burgers—our chefs have timing down to a tee. We make sure your food is mouth watering every time. Even when cooking the classics, the difference is in the details, and we always aim to please.

Fresh and Tasty

The Pour House is proud to serve Wisconsin favorites. We are a family-friendly restaurant with something on the menu for everyone. All of our ingredients are fresh, and we have gluten-free and vegetarian options for the health conscious diners in your party. Of course, you can always choose from your favorite bar foods.

Because It’s Always Better When Someone Else Cooks It For You

It is nice to take a break from cooking and have someone else prepare your favorite foods. Even mixed drinks taste better when made by one of our skilled bartenders. When eating out, you are also more likely to try foods you might not make for yourself or your family. As an added bonus, everyone can order what they want, so there’s no need to worry about different cravings or food preferences.

Next time you are looking for a fun and casual spot to dine and drink with friends and family, stop by the Pour House in Siren, Wisconsin!